Buying a business

There is plenty to make sure you consider and get right when buying a business:

Why are you buying it?

What are you actually buying?

How will you run it once you’ve bought it?

Will you be able to at least generate the same revenues and profits under your own ownership?

What will your return on investment (ROI) be?

What changes will you make and when?

How will you be able to improve the business performance?

How important are the sellers, the staff and the Customers to your future plans?

How will you communicate with them? And retain the ones you want?

What will you do with the brand?

How will you integrate it

Once you’ve considered these matters you should as quickly as possible understand how the business has performed in recent years and what the normalised profit is.

A typical purchase then follows these steps…

  • Indicative value/offer
  • Deal structure
    Asset or Share purchase
  • Negotiation
  • The Business plan
  • Sellers intentions
  • Due diligence
    The devil is in the detail
    Take a very good look at the business
  • Legals
    Warranties and indemnities
  • Restrictions
  • Staff and customer communications
  • 100 day plan
    The first 100 days actions
  • Business implementation plan

Selling your business

Selling a business is something most people will only do once so getting it right first time is of paramount importance. Engaging an experienced professional to guide and advise you throughout the process will pay dividends. Matters to consider before putting your business up for sale:

How can you maximise what you're selling?

What are you actually selling?

What involvement do you want post sale?

Have you taken tax advice on the most efficient proceeds of sale?

How will you communicate with your staff and customers?

What are you willing to let the buyer do with your brand?

Do you have any conditions of sale?

What involvement do you want to have post sale?

No two sales are ever the same but they do often follow a similar process

  • Initial consultation
  • Gathering business information
  • Indicative value
  • Business sale options
  • Preparing the business for sale
  • Presenting the business professionally
    Information memorandum
  • Marketing the business
    Known trade buyers and brokers
  • Non Disclosure Agreements
    Key to making sure confidentiality is maintained
  • Offers and negotiations
  • Indicative bids
  • Buyers intention
  • Due diligence
  • Legals
    Warranties and indemnities
    Post-sale responsibilities
  • Your responsibilities
  • Your post-sale involvement

Partnering. Licensing. Franchising. Joint ventures

These subjects are rich and varied and can go down any number of different routes. Contact Add Melon to discuss your individual requirements in the strictest confidence.

Specialist Consultancy

Having been fortunate enough to have worked with some great people and some excellent businesses across his 37 year career David has an incredibly broad range of business skills and has experience in a great many areas.

He has worked across many different businesses and disciplines, both business to business and business to consumer and has also worked through many different markets and economic cycles.

David is able to advise and provide management consultancy on a broad range of matters.

Specialist consultancy is designed individually for each particular client, this is  agreed in advance following consultation and through discussion and analysis. By producing a written scope which both parties sign up to we go forward with clear expectations of the objective.

Case Study

Having led the negotiations and the acquisition team through the due diligence process David helped HML acquire SDL Property Partners. This was an embryonic block management franchise business.

David worked with HML over a 12-month period to revisit every element of the proposition and to helped re-launch it, he is now working with B-Hive helping them scale it.

Post acquisition activities have included…

  • Advised on branding and rebranding the business to become B-Hive Block Management Partners.
  • Changed the way the proposition worked making it simpler for Partners to understand
  • Introduced a fixed fee model and a profit share on additional services (essential services)
  • Created a license instead of a franchise agreement
  • Removed all territory restrictions to encourage free trade and competition
  • Re-wrote the “Holy Grail” document the Operations Manual
  • Financially modelled all scenarios to make sure it worked for both HML/B-Hive and its Partners
  • Advised on key stakeholder management as the strategy for the business evolved.
  • Led all of the marketing initiatives including website development, PowerPoint launch presentations, brochures, advertising, linked in and social media strategies
  • Renegotiated a key client contract resulting in a two-year exclusive agreement with the Belvoir group.
  • Moved existing franchisees onto the new license
  • Led the relaunch initiative with the business development team
  • Now advising and guiding the development of the proposition to appeal to a wider audience

Talk to us about your ambitions, opportunities, challenges or plans and let's discuss how we might be able to help.

Specialist consultancy is designed individually for each particular client


“We couldn’t have achieved what we have without David’s experience and tenacity, he has the ability to cut through the noise and get to the important points, he challenged all of us, pushed the boundaries and really made us think. His business knowledge, drive and skill is second to none and he has helped us change our business for the better. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again.”

Alec Guthrie - CEO, HML